Affiliate Link Practices

You will see affiliate links scattered throughout these articles. If you purchase through one of these links, I may earn a small commission on your purchase. This commission goes toward making Math Teacher Barbie a viable, ongoing, free resource now and into the future.

How I choose what to recommend

I take a context-critical, product-first approach to choosing affiliates. Links are embedded in-line and only to support relevant strategies and techniques. I only recommend products I believe in and which I would recommend even if I didn’t have an affiliate link. Links are provided

  • For clarity of description, so you can see precisely what I’m talking about,
  • For your ease of finding and potentially purchasing, if you are interested, and
  • For the ongoing financial viability of running Math Teacher Barbie and keeping it online and free.

How I choose what affiliates to work with

Affiliates I work with must

  • Be a company I would happily order from;
  • Regularly carry products I believe in and would recommend even without the commission;
  • Present themselves in a way that I believe my audience would feel secure ordering from;
  • Be large enough to have reasonable prices and significant stock, but small enough not to threaten the viability of small businesses (this is why I am not part of the @m@zon affiliate program).

Bonus points go to affiliates who also do some active good in the world.

How affiliate commissions are used

In this order, the affiliate commissions (and ad revenue) are used

  1. For the ongoing operations of the Math Teacher Barbie blog and YouTube channel,
  2. To keep the blog and YouTube channel free for all users,
  3. To keep user costs of other Math Teacher Barbie products (such as downloads and courses) as small as possible, and lastly
  4. To provide an income for myself and my family.

Affiliates I’ve chosen to work with

Note: If you choose to purchase through these links, I may make a small commission on your purchase, without additional cost to you.

Noble Knight Games