Who I Follow

Here I want to show off some of the fantastic creators you may not have encountered yet. They all challenge my perspectives and influence my work in various ways. Several have been part of my offline life and I’m grateful to have known them personally.

Math Content

Howie Hua teaches future math teachers, and informal students all over the world. Howie summarizes big math ideas at all levels into short nuggets in an engaging and personable style. Howie’s impressive gymnastics and spinning skills are also on display at the site.

Mr. Pentagon posts about math education on Facebook. A strength of his is illustrating repeated mathematical phenomena throughout the breadth of the curriculum. His posts illustrate how deep understanding of an early-grades topic leads to ready understanding of later topics.

Carrie the One uses their love of all things costume and dress up to present high school mathematics in an engaging and unique way. These short clips are just right for breaking through those memory blanks and learning new nuggets.

Jessica and Wendy at Anyone Can Be a Math Person have a wide variety of videos about math study skills and late high-school/early college mathematics topics. The videos have a high production value and are regularly used in classrooms throughout the U.S.

Navigating the System

Natalie at Primary Focus is a former kindergarten teacher who now focuses on helping parents navigate the sometimes-confusing process of building partnerships with their children’s elementary schools and teachers. Check out her content for tips about helping your child learn at home as well as ways to communicate with your child’s teachers to build the best experience for your child.

Least Restrictive Learning is written by a mom navigating the education of her neurodivergent child. There are resources here for homeschoolers as well as those navigating the often-challenging road of IEPs, 504s, and more in both public schools and homeschools.

Charlotte Lumae, M.Ed. is an independent tutor/teacher who uses clear creativity in adapting to individual learner’s needs, including her own. Charlotte brings a wide experience of experiential and visual tools and strategies that brought her own academic success. She acknowledges and accommodates a wide range of learning and teaches her students to know what they need and advocate for themselves. If you’re interested in seeing a variety of adaptive strategies, follow her facebook feed.

Grace at Get Smart Soon has you covered if you’re looking for info about learning in college. She sheds light on a wide variety of topics about how college works. She has a lot of information dedicated to tips for finding success in online learning.

Other Useful Stuff

Prof. Stacy the Money Teacher is an accounting professional who is great at breaking down money ideas that are important and useful to most of us in the real world. Check out her site for tips ranging from saving on back-to-school shopping to building a retirement plan, insurance, taxes, and more.